Saturday, June 17, 2006


Hey Yall!

Today was my last day in New Zealand and what a day it was!

First we set out for the Agrodome. Thousands and thousands of sheep everywhere! 4 million people in New Zealand and 40 million sheep. We met 19 different species of sheep. A true dream come true! At one point they showed us how to sheer a sheep and how to use pressure points to make it "comfortable" but then I got called up for a contest. YES!!! A contest involving sheep! I can do this. It was a lamb feeding contest and yes I did win. So what did I win? An arm full of wool which I cant clear at customs. Oh well :(

Now for what I promised you...

It was pouring down rain... "Hips dont lie" was on the radio... I was 150 feet in the air.... I jump! THe bungee cord snatches me back and forth! WOOT!!! Such a rush! Yes! I did in fact bungy. However, I have no pictures to prove it so everyone will have to take my word on it.

Then something relly strange happened... I had met this girl at USC orrientation whos sister was studying abroad in New Zealand. Well, today I met the sister... small world. Amazing.

Gotta go to bed. Early flight!

Love you all
Bill <><


At 12:34 PM, Blogger ann said...

What were you thinking !!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't believed you bungy jumped! I'm so glad I didn't know about it before you did it. I'm glad The Lord was with you and took care of you during it.
Hope you remain safe !
I love you ,


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