Monday, May 29, 2006


Hello everyone! If you are here, then you know that I am Bill and probably know that I am about to go on a 17 day trip half way around the world. This is very exciting because I have never once in my life left the Southeast United States. In a way, this is a graduation present to myself.

For those of you that don't know, the general agenda for my trip consists of flying to New Zealand, then Austrailia, and then Hawaii. However, anything can happen and any additional stops can be added at anytime without our knowing. For example, Los Angeles was recently added due to a mistake by the Travel Agency, so who knows what will happen?

So why keep an online journal? Why not? I want to be able to remember this trip and I figure theres at least one person out there that is curious about where I am and what Im doing. Our supervisor said that there would be internet access most places where we go, so my goal is to post as much as I possibly can. Im going to try to be honest in whatever I write in these blogs, so you may be getting more than you expect on here.

I hope that I'll have some readers who will follow me in my entire travels. I'll be gone 17 days. Is that too much to ask? :-p Prayers are appreciated.

God loves you
Bill <><